The main target of the project is to record and then reproduce, in a specifically designed environment, artistic performances that have been recorded in Italian-style Opera-houses.

The project draws inspiration from what usually happens in the world of gaming, in which it is possible to take advantage of 3D audio and 360° video to experience, or at least emulate, the emotion of being truly inside the game, with sounds and images coming from all directions just as if we were involved in a real environment..

To achieve this result, we want to create two listening rooms, one located in Faenza and one inParma (Italy), which are specially designed to have 3D audio and 360° video..

These two rooms will be able to allow the audience to attend immersive live (streaming) or recorded performances.


The project is particularly useful for all those involved in the realization of the performances, such as directors, artistic directors and more generally for all those who technically manage the exhibition or the place dedicated to the performance (e.g. theater, concert hall, auditorium), but also for peoplewho are personally involved in the performance (e.g. musicians, singers, actors, etc.).

Future accomplishments

The Sipario Project will allow to:

create a cultural network of theatres, by whichpeople willbe able to attend a performance, even performed elsewhere, from their own city;

bring the idea of theatrical performance and artistic (musical or prose) and architectural (the environment itself with symbols, images, colors) experience to people who don’t usually access traditional cultural containers;

extend these environments to people who normally do not use them (for example school groups or people with different abilities);

increase research activity in 3D acoustics and in 360° video, in the fieldsof electro-acoustic music and 3D architectural acoustics;

move from the Cinematheque to the “Theatretheque”, going beyond the existing limitand give the audience theimmersive experience of the original place.


The two listening roomsare located in:

  • Faenza (Italy), School of Music, via dei Salesiani (under construction)
  • Parma (Italy), Casa della Musica, Piazzale San Francesco 1, 43121 Parma PR