The project

Music, sound and architectural acoustics are internationally recognized as key elements of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Italian-style Opera-houses are also among the most important historical buildings in Europe and some of them are included in the UNESCO heritage list. The research developed within the Sipario Project aims to connect several opera houses in the Emilia-Romagna region to the European network of historical theaters, adding information on sound propagation to the already available historical descriptions. Measurements of correct Impulse Responses (IR) in theatres allow for the understanding of the acoustics of these important venues and thus the realization of 3D auralization (e.g. virtual reproduction of sound distribution in rooms) in specific listening rooms, or with headphones, preserving this information for posterity.

The aim of the project is therefore to record artistic performances in Italian-style Opera-houses and then reproduce them in a specifically designed environment, providing an immersive experience.

Fields of application


Didactics: sharing theatrical and musical experiences with citizens.


Direction and production: recordings of performances; immersive live streaming with historical theatres or playback of the performances with audio/video 3D/360°.


Research: 3D electroacoustic composition, recording and playback of urban or natural soundscapes, augmented virtual reality AV 360° for design of theatres and auditoriums.